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I'm Tiffany Twist

Over 10 years ago, I created a hair extension product and method I worked tirelessly to perfect. I brought it to the online world as a DIY hair extension system and years later began to serve clients. We accumulated a client list in both Minnesota and California, eventually opening storefronts in Minneapolis' Uptown and then in Beverly Hills.

Most recently, I’ve perfected my system and built an Academy to teach others to do what I’ve done: Create a viable, successful 6-figure business working part-time hours from home through an online Academy filled with learning courses.

The whole process of inventing a hair extension, and bringing it to the world, took for what seemed a lifetime. The exciting part being, the product is perfect, ready to rise to the heights of the hair extension world.

LOVE what you see in the mirror. YOUR dream HAIR is just a day away!


The Success Story of Tiffany Twist and Hair Extension Brand Soft Bond Strands™

Some time ago, In my quest to have more fun I spent much of my youth bleaching my hair and I eventually did what many did, I destroyed my hair. Unfortunately, the perms and processes damaged my thin hair beyond repair. This situation left me facing at least a 5-year process to repair the damage I had done.

Since regrowing my hair did not seem like an option, I needed a solution. My husband, an entertainer, mentioned that many in his industry were wearing hair extensions. I had no prior knowledge of this but viewed it as an option and decided to explore it.

I found a place in Minneapolis for pinch-braid hair extensions. This is a tie-in hair extension process with single strands and could be worn for up to 3 months. I loved the look hair extensions gave me. It fixed my short thin hair, broken, slow-growing hair look and suddenly I had so much hair, along with compliments and attention like I had never received before. However, much like many of the hair extension choices today these 1st generation hair extensions were difficult to hide and needed quick replacement at a hefty price.

At that time, the economy crashed but hair extension continued to rise and the quality remained the same. I attempted long-wearing, permanent hair extensions along with less expensive temporary hair extension methods trying to find the best solution for me and my shrinking budget. I tried fusion, keratin and clip-ins and hated them all! Fusion and keratin were a hot glue-type of hair extension and I was strangely claustrophobic with them because they were so difficult to get out! It took my own hair out with the hair extension glue and it scared me to lose my own hair like that. I wanted hair extensions to fix my hair and not make it worse!


Due to a dip in the family finances, paying for hair extensions at the salon was no longer an option. Soon again, I was seeing the thin hair I hated. My mission became clear. I began to speak with smart people such as scientists and chemists. I gathered information from as many places I could and my kitchen became my laboratory.

I knew that I wanted no glues to be used, no chemicals, no alternate adhesives, no crazy man garage tools, like pliers, fishing line or metal clips. Tools like these destroy hair. I needed to make this hair extension product to be feminine, safe, easy to wear, long-lasting and comfortable.

My innovative, original and new hair extension product called Soft Bond Strands™ - a hair extension method that will not destroy the hair. Ever. You can wear then for 6 months and longer and they will shed out naturally over time or you can remove them by hand without a single bit of my soft bond attaching to your hair. Clients see their hair grow longer and fuller over time while wearing the hair extensions.

My soft bond took a decade to create and another 5 years to perfect. My innovative, original and new hair extension product called Soft Bond Strands™ - a hair extension method that will not destroy the hair. Ever! You can wear then for 6 months and longer and they will shed out naturally over time or you can remove them by hand without a single bit of my soft bond attaching to your hair. My clients see their hair grow longer and fuller over time and many are able to eliminate the need for extensions all together.

While I have put much of my life into the creation of Soft Bond Strands™ and while they are now offered through my Minneapolis hair extension hub, WEST COAST HAIR® and being taught to those students interested in the financial freedom through the SBS Academy and those salons interested in adding a hassle-free revenue stream add-on.


A Hair Extension With 15 Years of Development For Unbelievable Qualities

Today, Soft Bond Strands™ allows for custom color mix and blend to create a unique high-end result and look for each and every client. Every client has their own needs, and with my hair extension product Soft Bond Strands, thousands of combinations are possible and needed. Color matching, like this wasn't happening anywhere else and prepackaged, pre-glued extension hair products did not provide the answer.

Not only is the color-mix of the extension hair custom and unique, the actual single strand hair extension attachment bond, the Soft Bond of Soft Bond Strands®, is also customizable. Mixed from 5 different shades, an exact blend will be used to attach the single strand hair extension bundles so that nothing is viewable, noticeable or identified in the natural hair.


The hair extension installation becomes the industries most blended, discreet and natural-looking attachment point. The hair extension becomes invisible to the naked eye and I still get asked if I wear hair extensions! That is the best! I laugh all the time. My hair would NEVER look so beautiful if I did not wear my hair extensions day after day for over a decade now.


The Hair Extension Industry Needed Change

As a teen mother I knew little about life. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do but taking care and spending time with my daughter was of the utmost importance to me.

As a teen and without the resources or time to attend college I began to think of alternatives. I had dreamed of Cosmetology School as my little sister and I would play hairdresser as children but the fact was that I wasn’t going to be able to afford Cosmetology School. My determination to take care of my child led to me buying and selling products, work for tips and let a “faster” way of making money come to me.

I was later told, that as a teenager, I announced that I would own my own hair care line, “just like Paul Mitchell.” I don’t recall it but, this did eventually manifest and come to be a reality. That’s exciting and super cool at the same time and my customers LOVE Just Clean Hair, a silicone-free hair care line I formulated for thin, dry, damaged hair as well as to be the BEST HAIR CARE for extension hair. This taught me a lot about how a small seed of desire in your heart can come to fruition and be a reality for your life.

It was really a need in a stale and stagnate market that produced this invention. There was a fire of determination in me to find a BETTER hair extension product and method and FIX all of the things that were wrong with the hair extension processes out there. I wear my Soft Bond Strands™ day after day, washing, wearing, sleeping in, swimming in, working-out in, etc., and have done this for over a decade.

Selling my product has been a HUGE achievement so far and now, to be teaching others how to use it so that they, too, can live like I do, is a calling I am excited about. It has allowed men to support my family, trade and live well for nearly 15 years.

I have 4 grown, amazing children and 3 grandchildren. I filter everything I do through my love for them. I want time for them, I always have. I want money to spend on them, making their lives easier than this girl, who lived in a mouse-ridden house on a junkyard, as a kid. Somehow, I knew time was my greatest resource. Because 'Quality Time' is my LOVE LANGUAGE, I certainly wasn’t going to use my time for work, unless I LOVED IT.

Now, 15 years later, I LOVE the product I created and spent so much time developing. I LOVE my dedicated and adoring clients who give me so much happiness through their love for Soft Bond Strands™. They get excited to work with me but moreover are happy to have a hair extension that is allowing their hair to grow, fixing their look on the meantime. Putting a smile on their face.

So much quality hair has been installed over the last decade and a perfect hair extension product developed over this time. Ready for the world. Ready for those looking for something new, something unique, something better. It’s going to blow so many minds when they see it, experience and wear Tiffany Twist’s Soft Bond Strands™


Hair Extension Innovation - 15 Years In the Making

I've always wanted to share my work and teach others how it is  possible to apply, use and wear hair extensions without damaging the natural hair at all. 

It became a huge benefit to create my product with the intention of ease, comfort and long-lasting wear. I was obsessed with the use of only natural, non-damaging, chemical-free methods to put in my hair extensions.

I showed others how it was possible to use my product to put hair extensions in their own hair. ManeMaxx hair extensions were my first brand. In the beginning, I sold the at-home home extension kits to support my family. (At the time I was behind on my house payments and even once has to go to the food shelf to feed my family!)

Then my daughter came to me as a single mom, and wanted me to take care of my grandson while she worked a low-paying, time-consuming JOB. I said NO, he NEEDS you and we strategized and decided the she would start the service of applying the hair extensions that I created. We opened our first WEST COAST HAIR studio in White Bear Lake, later to move to Uptown and with great success were then able to move to a LA location just before Covid. We had wonderful successes but Covid in California forced a lot of businesses (including ours) to shut down.

The year 2023 has led me to more excitment as I open the SBS Hair Extension Academy. The academy gives me the ability to share my 15 years of hair extension knowledge and experience. The idea, is to help others create a successful career and business by doing the Worlds finest hair extensions exactly the way I do.

The Hair Extension Academy is an extensive “learn at your own pace” collection of courses focused around Soft Bond Strands™ . Students learn about the product, and why the unique one-of-a-kind hair extension method and technique is the best available method today, The Hair Extension Academy also gives students the ability to create the business and lifestyle we all dream about for ourselves and those we love.


The Tiffany Twist Hair Extension Academy gives you insight into marketing, customer acquisition, customer retention, business building and building your own brand. This business is about mindset manual to be the best you can be and to get the very most out of life and to sell the best available Hair Extensions on the planet.

Believe me when I say that it is my intense life passion to help others find time and fill their lives with joyful events, whether it be through the hair they wear or a hair extension business they build.

SBS Academy


Your own beauty business. Model the 6-figure success created by Tiffany Twist in this hair extension business academy. Be your own boss, in charge of your own schedule so, finally, you can work to live, not live to work.