Hair Extensions at 711 W Lake Street in Minneapolis

We LOVE working from our studio in Uptown and you can tell the minute you step foot in here how proud we are of this place and how much we love to be here. When you come for your extensions you are given the red carpet, literally (see pic). We will give you something to sip and munch and even watch while you go though the most amazing transformation in our styling chair.

WEST COAST HAIR® hair extensions at 711 W Lake Street in Minneapolis are the very best this city has to offer (and many cases throughout the country - we have clients coming in from all 4 surrounding states, LA, Texas and even a client who flies to us from Canada!) Once here, you can be sure you are in good hands and you will leave beautified!
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Our fun, colored Fan Strands™ are loved by all who get them! (PHOTO: MarketFest outdoor party in the streets of White Bear Lake, ’14)
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See! I said we put out the red carpet! (PHOTO: MarketFest outdoor party in the streets of White Bear Lake, ’14)
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Please excuse our dust and debris while is UNDER (some major) CONSTRUCTION!

What You Can Expect

Please know that you will arrive into a clean, comfortable and sterile environment. All tools and surfaces are disinfected between each client and thorough audits are done by Tiffany and staff as to the well-being and comfort of the space we are working with you in. The neighborhood is a lovely and safe city area with mostly a mix of young, eclectic folk who are super friendly and kind to strangers. We have a few adult shops nearby but they don’t attract anything but a discreet shopper. There’s a jeweler and a bike shop, tobacco if that’s your thing… Our building itself is occupied with many long-standing residents in the arts. There is a yoga and dance studio, a massage, some retail shops, a theatre and a coffee shop on the first floor, and a very high-end speakeasy in our basement! It’s super secret though so don’t tell anyone I told you! ;)
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There are many wonderful restaurants and take-outs nearby and our studio has menu’s and contact information for them. There is a fantastic delivery service which will bring you food from any area restaurant for just $5. If you’re looking for something to bring in, may we suggest Caffery’s around the corner. (Out our building, go right to the corner, take a right, Caffery’s on your right. - you can’t go wrong!) They have fantastic sub sandwiches and you can put it in our fridge at the studio to keep it until you’d like to eat it. We have a toaster oven and microwave for your use if you’d like to bring in your lunch from home, too.
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Meet Our Installers

WEST COAST HAIR® was founded by Tiffany Twist and offers a customizable hair extension using Tiffany’s own natural and non-toxic hair extension soft bond™, a process and technique created by Tiffany herself and not offered anywhere else in the world. Tiffany has taught her daughter’s Cortney and Stephanie the technique and both have gone on to perfect the unique and safe application.
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The girls in LA to see clients.
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A Venice Beach install day.
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Driving through Malibu.
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On the Caribbean island of Hans Lollik.