Wonderful! Absolutley wonderful! Thank you so very much! All your help with this means alot to me!
Thank you so much, Tiff, for your feedback. I've also decided to use your idea of dividing the whole book into 3 sections and marketing the 1st section as an ebook...while I work on finishing the rest of the book. Thanks again for everything! You're the BEST!"
As always, thank you again for your valuable input and advice. I couldn't have done any of this without your initial help. You really got me on the right track and helped me to grasp the concept of 'creative writing'. I am extremely grateful!!
Tiffany, Thanks for the links- I will check them out. I am so proud of the job I did! Thanks
POWERFUL!!! That’s all I have to say.
When I was first married my hair was long, and I wanted to duplicate that look, but after my children my hair never seemed to grow past my shoulders. I needed something affordable and now I feel younger, sexy and confident. My husband actually said, " That long hair really turns me on! " lol go ManeMaxx!
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